Boat Registration and Association Membership

We invite you to join the Dolphin Class Association and would welcome your support in furthering the growth of the Dolphin Class and establishment of this class in all possible areas.

To sail your Dolphin you have to be a member of the Dolphin Class Association, South African Sailing and be in possession of a valid measurement certificate.

Here’s how to go about it:-

  1. Contact the Northvaal Sailing Authority 011-824 2400 or P.O. Box 4209, Germiston South, 1411, who will give you the contact number for the current Class Secretary from whom you can request the following forms and information.
  2. to join South African Sailing.[If you are a member of a Sailing Club, you would already be a member of South African Sailing]
  3. to join the Dolphin Class Association and
  4. to apply for Measurement of your boat.
    [A new boat should have been measured before being sold and the measurement certificate should be available from the builder]
  5. On receipt of these forms, fill in all the relevant information and make one payment to the Dolphin Class Association, all amounts as prescribed on the forms. Return the forms to the Dolphin Class Association.
  6. The Dolphin Class Association will advise you of the measurer’s name and how to contact him.
  7. Contact your measurer and arrange a date to measure your boat.
  8. Once the boat is measured, the Dolphin Class Association will issue your measurement certificate and keep particulars on their records.
  9. If you have bought a second hand Dolphin it will probably be measured and you should then forward your measurement certificate to the Dolphin Class Association for endorsement into your name.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact the current chairman or secretary of the Dolphin Class Association.

In any event we wish to obtain your home and business phone numbers, postal address and e-mail address for contact and newsletters.

We look forward to seeing you on the water and meeting you ashore with a friendly welcome from all proud Dolphin owners.