The name of the Association shall be “Dolphin Class Association of South Africa”.


The Emblem of the class shall be the established form of the Dolphin Dorsal Fin in black.


The flag shall be the black Class Emblem mounted in the middle of a light blue field.


Objects of the Association are :

  1. To maintain the Dolphin as a simple, inexpensive, strictly controlled one-design yacht.
  2. To provide a medium for exchange of information amongst Dolphin sailors and enhance the enjoyment of these yachts.
  3. To promote and develop Dolphin Class Racing in South Africa and internationally under uniform rules.
  4. To encourage and foster the spirit of sailing for enjoyment in sport and recreation.


The Association has authority over all activities of the Dolphin class throughout South Africa and it’s powers shall be vested in and carried out by Provincial Associations and Fleets as provided in this Constitution and By-Laws passed pursuant to the provisions hereof.

All subject to and in accordance with the General Rules and By-Laws of the International Yacht Racing Union and the South African Yacht Racing association prescriptions thereto.

  1. The Association shall be governed by the National Executive Committee, comprised of a Chairman, National Executive Secretary and the Chairman of each Provincial Committee from time to time holding office and two members appointed at the Annual General Meeting and such additional officers to be appointed by the National Executive Committee for such term as it may from time to time determine.
  2. The Executive Officers, other than the Executive Secretary, shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, to be held at a place which the Executive Committee shall determine, and shall hold office until their successors are elected.
  3. he Executive Secretary shall be appointed by the elected members of the Executive Committee and shall hold office for such term and upon such conditions as the Executive committee shall decide. The Secretary shall be responsible for the management of the business of the Association, subject to and in accordance with the By-Laws and direction of the Executive Committee, including :
    1. The co-ordination of Inter-Provincial activities and events.Maintenance of all membership records and information in conjunction with SA Sailing.
    2. The Executive Committee may make By-Laws for any purpose necessary to effectively carry out the functions and responsibilities of the Dolphin Class Association.


  1. The Executive Committee may establish by By-Law, Provincial Association defined with due regard to region, distance, population and geography appropriate to the development of the Dolphin Class and fulfilment of the objects of the Association.
  2. Provincial Committees comprised of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting of members in each province, to hold office until their successors are elected by vote of the membership at a duly notified general meeting of the Province.
  3. The Provincial Committees shall consist of the foregoing officers and may appoint such additional officers to hold office for such terms as they may determine, except that such officers shall be approved by the membership at the next Annual General Meeting of the Province.
  4. The Provincial Officers shall have the authority and responsibilities defined in the Provincial Association By-Law.
  5. Each Province shall be administered in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Constitution.
  6. The boundaries of the Provincial Association may be varied by the Executive Committee on the application of the Province concerned and provinces be amalgamated with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  7. A Provincial Committee may make Provincial By-Laws, subject to approval by the Executive Committee and the provisions of this Constitution, for any purpose necessary to carry out it’s function and responsibilities in the management of the Dolphin class in it’s province.h. If any Provincial Association is within the jurisdiction of a Provincial Sailing Authority, the Provincial Association shall be subject to any rules, regulations and directions of the Provincial Sailing Authority in addition to the requirements of this Constitution.


  1. Any member of SAS (South African Sailing) may become a member of the Dolphin Class Association by making application, provided that the applicant has not previously been disqualified or suspended from membership by decisions of SAS or National or Provincial authorities.
  2. An application for membership implies that the applicant undertakes and agrees to be bound by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association upon being accepted to membership.
  3. A member of the Association, ipso facto, belongs to the Provincial Association in which he normally sails, even though such place may not be his permanent residence, but such member, for valid reason and with the approval of both Provincial Chairmen, may select instead, the Province in which he has his permanent residence.
  4. The Executive Committee may grant Honorary Membership in the Association for such period as it determines, to any person who, through special contribution to the Class or through special relationship to the Association is deemed meritorious.
  5. The Executive Committee may grant Honorary Life Membership to any member who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has made an exceptional contribution to the promotion of yachting.
  6. Honorary and Honorary Life members are entitled to full privileges of membership, but are not required to pay the annual Association fees.
  7. Membership in the Association shall not be open to any company, partnership, group or other Association unless specifically authorised in any instance by the National Executive and the National Executive may impose such terms, conditions or qualifications on any such membership as it shall deem appropriate.h. The National Executive shall have the power to review and adjust the Association dues and any changes will be notified at least three months before payment is due.
    1. Subscriptions will be due in full by 31st January each year.
    2. Membership shall include immediate family, i.e. wife/husband and children under 18. For the purpose of voting, only one person per paid up member has voting rights. There is no junior division or category in the Class with reference to membership fees or regatta entries.


A member may be suspended from membership of the Association by action of the Executive Committee for gross violation of the Rules and By-Laws, for committing an unlawful action in relation to the Association or any of it’s members, or for any unsportsmanlike conduct contrary to the interests of the members of the Association or the principles of the Association. The duration of the suspension shall be fixed by the Executive Committee, but may not exceed two years. A member under suspension shall be precluded from racing and all privileges of Association membership for the full period of suspension.


Any dispute arising in relation to eligibility to race, the interpretation of this Constitution, the By-Laws or similar matter, other than any dispute in the interpretation of the Rules or protest within the jurisdiction of the relevant Racing Rule, may be made to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final and binding.


The Executive Committee may make By-Laws for the purpose of carrying out the objects of this Constitution and of the Dolphin Class Association and, without restriction of the generality of the foregoing, may make By-Laws:

  1. Respecting the appointment of Representatives.
  2. Respecting the establishment of Provinces and the power of the Provincial Committee.
  3. Respecting the Constitutions and By-Laws of Provincial Committees.
  4. Respecting registration of numbers and collection of dues in accordance with the requirements of SAS
  5. Respecting the measurement of boats and measurement fees in accordance with the requirements of SAS.
  6. Respecting the conduct of championships and regattas, including the classification of regattas and the eligibility of members for major racing events.
  7. Respecting the acceptance of deeds of gifts and trophies.
  8. Changing the Headquarters of the Association.
  9. Respecting the procedures for meetings of the Association Executive Committee by mail or other forms of communication.


The National Executive Secretary shall arrange the date and venue for the Annual General Meeting of the Dolphin Class Association and notify all Association members, allowing 30 days notice.


a. Proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be dealt with at the Annual General Meeting and adopted with the approval of a minimum of two thirds of the voting members present. Notice of proposed amendments is to be circulated simultaneously with notification of the AGM.

  1. Proxy votes will be accepted on evidence of written authority.
  2. Proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted for vote of each Province :
    1. By direction of the National Executive Committee, or
    2. By direction of the National Executive Secretary, where a proposed amendment has been submitted by at least two Provincial Associations, each backed by the signatures of twenty voting members.