Build up to the 2016 Nationals – SupaSails Special Offer

Rob de Vlieg of SupaSails has once again offered incredible pricing on new sails to Dolphin owners.  Just in time for the 2016 Dolphin Nationals.  We need to order AT LEAST 3 main sails for these prices to apply and you will need to get your orders in ASAP so that production can start and you get your new sails in time for the event.  The special prices are as follows:

  • Main: R 6,669.00
  • Jib: R 2,831.00
  • Full set: R 9,500.00

Please give this some serious consideration and place your order with Dietmar Holm ( by Friday 8th April at the very latest.

Supasails have supported our class a lot in the past and this is an opportunity to support his business again from our side.