Build up to the 2016 Nationals – Rules Of The Road

When going into any regatta, especially a national championship, it’s always a good thing to have a working knowledge of the latest ISAF racing rules. As with most sports, knowing where you stand in terms of the rules can help you gain a much needed tactical advantage over your opponent, and in the case of sailing, the rest of the fleet.

The ISAF Racing Rules Of Sailing (2013 – 2016) are the latest edition for our sport, and the rules under which the 2016 Dolphin National Championships will be sailed.  At first these rules can seem overwhelming, but in just a few hours you’ll quickly get a grasp on the basics and then from then on they’re all plain sailing.

There are also a whole bunch of free (and some paid) smart phone apps that do a very good job of explaining the rules within the context of various scenarios that you may find yourself in on the water.

  • Sailing Rules Guide contains over 80 illustrated situations every ambitious sailor should know how to handle on the race course
  • e-Regatta Online Sailing Game is an interactive real-time sailing races simulator that implements the ISAF Racing Rules Of Sailing as part of the game play.

To download a copy of the ISAF Racing Rules Of Sailing (2013 – 2016) directly from the official website in PDF format, click here